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Notice of Copyright and Disclaimer: Games on Flash Game Site are copyright to their respective Authors and Owners, Flash Game Site does not take responsibility for any of the featured content, nor ownership of any of flash games or images associated with games. Flash Game Site cannot be held liable for any damage caused by playing games hosted on this website. This collection of flash games is provided as freeware, public domain or open source. Please contact admin ----at----- if you find a flash game that does not fall into any of the above mentioned categories or has been falsely submitted to Flash Game Site as own work, and that particular games(s) will be removed immediately.


NES Games

Flash Game Site allows you to play Nintendo Entertainment System games online using an NES emulator by NESCafe. Despite these games being approximately 20 years old their copyright may still be under protection by the software companies involved with their production, or by Nintendo themselves. Therefore, you should only play Nintendo games that you legally own the original cartridge for as otherwise you may be breaking the law and we highly encourage you to always respect copyrights.

Flash Game Site accepts no liability from, and accepts no responsibility for your use of this Nintendo emulator or from you playing Nintendo games that you are not legally entitled to play.

The purpose of NES section of Flash Game Site is to enable genuine fans who bought these original games to continue to enjoy playing them by providing the capability to do so online. The NES and the games produced for it were ground-breaking when they were first released and they shaped the future of video games. Flash Game Site goal is to keep the NES legacy going, while at the same time protecting the copyrighted materials from being downloaded or distributed.

Flash Game site is NOT affiliated with Nintendo or any of the software companies that produced Nintendo Entertainment System games.

If you represent a company that wishes to assert their rights over material contained on this site then we would be more than happy to comply upon your request, just drop a note to admin -----at-----, the only goal here is to keep the memory of NES and some of it's great games alive.



All the videos presented on Flash Game Site are a part of the public domain videos made available through You Tube's developers' API, if you wish for your videos to not appear on Flash Game Site's video portion of the site simply adjust appropriate settings within your You Tube account. Flash Game Site assumes no responsibility for the content or the views expressed in these videos.


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